North Toronto Medical Associates

Welcome to North Toronto Medical Associates!

We are a family health organization located at Yonge and Lawrence.

Our physicians and healthcare providers are part of the North York Family Health Team.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-782-4447
Fax: 416-782-1284
3080 Yonge St.
Suite 5080
Toronto, ON
M4N 3N1

After Hours Clinic

Bayview Village Mall
Bayview & Sheppard
(ground floor at Loblaws)
Weeknights 5 pm to 7:30 pm and Weekend 10 am to 3:30 pm. 416-491-6338
For Pediatrics:

We also offer after-hours services at our main 3080 Yonge St. clinic on Monday evenings. These same-day Monday appointments may be requested, only on late Monday afternoons, by booking online or calling.

Clinic Schedule *

Clinician Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Dr. Bennett PM PM AM AM, PM PM
Dr. Kavanagh / Dr. Sinha AM (Dr. K) AM (Dr. S) AM (Dr. S), PM (Dr. K) AM (Dr. K) AM **
Dr. J. Chen
(Dr. Runting Cai covering; hours will differ)
Dr. A. Hong AM PM AM
Dr. S. Miao PM PM PM PM AM

Registered patients may book online to see available time slots.

* subject to change
** early-morning slots only


For urgent medical concerns outside regular office hours, contact the Telephone Health Advisory Service:


The @Sunnybrook Virtual ED is also open Monday to Friday (including Christmas Day and New Year Day) for urgent medical issues that are not life-threatening. Please visit

Please do not email us or leave a voicemail in the event of an emergency.

Our Team

Dr. Margaret Bennett

Family Physician

Dr. Amanda Li

Family Physician

Dr. Jeyla Chen

Family Physician

Dr. Doug Kavanagh

Family Physician

Stacie Banton

Family Health Team Nurse

New Patients


Currently our clinic is not accepting patients and our waitlist is full.

Registering as a New Patient

  • If you have been accepted as a new patient, please contact the clinic and let us know that you would like to register as a new patient.
  • Inform the receptionist of your contact information, including your phone, birth date, email address, and health card.
  • If you have a preference for a specific physician, please let us know.
  • If and once you have been accepted, request a "meet and greet" appointment with the physician at a time of mutual convenience.

Preparing For Your First Appointment

  • Please review the general information on this website.
  • Bring your medications and a brief summary of your medical history if possible.
  • Bring your health card.
  • If your old records are available from your previous family physician, you may bring them along as well.
You might receive an email from 'North Toronto Medical Associates' or '' with a link to a pre-registration medical questionnaire. Although they are optional, your answers to these questionnaires are very helpful for your physician to obtain your medical history and to prepare for the visit.

Expectations for Your First Visit

The first visit is typically just a "meet and greet", giving you a chance to discuss your health with your doctor and to see whether the clinic is a good fit for you. There is only rarely enough time to investigate or treat any medical issues that you may be experiencing.

Depending on your health condition, we may need to obtain prior copies of your medical records before proceeding. However, our shared goal at this visit is to make and execute a plan for your healthcare moving forward, so that we can help you as soon as possible.


For our patients who take public transit, there is excellent access to Lawrence Station.

There is very limited paid underground parking at 3080 Yonge Street ($10/30 mins), paid parking on Yonge Street ($1.25/30 mins), and a Green P parking lot on Bedford Park Avenue just off of Yonge Street ($1/30 mins).

There is also free parking on the residential streets surrounding the office building as well as on Lawrence Avenue.

Scheduling Appointments


Please call the office (416-782-4447) during regular business hours to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively for non-urgent appointments, you can submit an electronic appointment request on our home page.

We prefer that you call within a week of booking the appointment.

We are currently booking one week in advance for non-urgent appointments. We believe this will allow our patients the flexibility to make the appropriate arrangements in their schedules. We continue to reserve emergency slots daily to accommodate patients who need to be seen urgently. Please note that if your physician is unavailable and the issue is urgent as triaged by our nurse, you may have the option to be seen by another physician in the office that day.

Please do not leave a voicemail outside of office hours.


Please call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Indicating Your Reason(s) for the Visit

Please inform us regarding the specific reason for your visit when you book the appointment, so that we can prepare for the specific issue.

For example, if a visit is for 'ear wax removal', we can prepare the flushing equipment in advance. If a visit is for 'concussion', we may be able to prepare educational material. This sort of preparation leads to a more efficient and timely experience for everyone.

Before you Leave...

Take note of whether any of your prescriptions need a renewal.

Bring your medications with you to the appointment.

Bring your health card.

The red and white health card is being eliminated. If you have a red and white health card, please begin the process of updating your health card. We have had a number of patients with red and white health cards that are no longer valid.

Checking In

Please inform the front desk when you arrive, and wait in the waiting room until called.

The receptionist may give you a portable tablet to allow you to update your contact information and complete questionnaires.

Please ask for the tablet if you think your contact information may have changed.

Time Management

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are running late, everyone else will be forced to wait as a result of the delay.

Unless indicated otherwise, appointments are generally scheduled to have enough time for one or two quick issues. Please help us adhere to the allocated time so that we can stay on schedule for other patients.

If you have multiple issues to discuss, please inform us at the start of the visit so that we can manage your time accordingly. It's OK to show us a list of your issues if necessary.

Contact Information and Health Cards

Please kindly inform the office if your contact information has changed. Also, please make sure your health card has not expired. The red and white health card is being eliminated. If you have a red and white health card, please begin the process of updating your health card. We have had a number of patients with red and white health cards that are no longer valid. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care only notify your physician when a patient has been de-rostered from his/her practice because they no longer have OHIP coverage.

Office Hours and Voice Mail

Please call the office during office hours (9:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00) to speak to a secretary.
Our front staff have become overwhelmed with the number of voicemails. Checking and replying to all these voicemails takes away from our secretaries' ability to answer phones during office hours, check in patients, and phone patients with important information. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

General Practice Policies

  • We take the confidentiality of our patients’ health information extremely seriously. Unless required by law, we will not release any details regarding your/your child’s health without your prior consent.
  • This office is fully compliant with The Ontario Government’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, and our computerized records system is protected against loss of data and unauthorized access.

  • Except in emergency situations, patients are seen by appointment only.
  • Appointments can be made via email or telephone.
  • When making an appointment, please inform the reception staff the nature of the problem(s) so s/he can book the appropriate amount of time for the appointment.
  • When booking an appointment, please inform the receptionist if you will need a form or note completed.
  • If you schedule an appointment, the scheduled time is reserved specifically for you/your child.
  • Notice for cancelling an appointment must be given 24 hours in advance of the appointment day/time.
  • Missed appointments and late arrivals cause inconvenience to other patients who could have otherwise been seen in that time.  Accordingly, time missed will be billed to the patient/guardian.
  • Email correspondence
  • Email should be used to communicate with the office for administrative issues only.  Any medical or clinical concerns should be addressed in person with your child’s pediatrician.
  • If/when you use email, especially when sending sensitive information, please be aware that email is not considered secure.
  • This office cannot be held responsible if there is any security breech, or lost information during correspondence with this office via email.
  • If you are not comfortable with the non-secure nature of email, please use the telephone.
  • For further information about the risks associated with email correspondence, please review our email information sheet.
  • Prescriptions

  • Medications should be administered as prescribed for best results. 4.2. If you suspect a mix up in your/your child’s prescription or a reaction to a drug, please notify us immediately. 4.3. Patients are encouraged to keep all prescriptions with one pharmacy.
  • Insured Services (OHIP Covered services)

  • Please bring your/your child’s valid OHIP card to each appointment. If the card is invalid, you will be billed directly for the visit.
  • If your child does not have OHIP coverage but has private insurance, we will bill you for the services and provide you with an official receipt. Use this receipt to claim reimbursement with your third-party insurer.
  • If your baby is a newborn, the OHIP number from the hospital is only temporary. You must register with OHIP as soon as possible to obtain a valid permanent OHIP card.
  • Non-Insured Services (Services Not Covered by OHIP)

  • OHIP does not pay for all services provided to a patient by the doctor. Services for which OHIP does not pay are called “non-insured” or “uninsured services”.
  • It is the patient’s (or guardian’s) responsibility to provide payment for these services when rendered.
  • For further information about uninsured services provided at this practice, please review the document entitled Information sheet – uninsured services.
  • Walk-In Appointments

  • All visits to the doctor are by appointment only.
  • With the exception of true emergencies, ‘walk-in’ patients will not be seen.
  • If your child is ill, please call or email the office and every effort will be made to arrange an appointment on that day.
  • Medical Residents, Medical Students, and Allied Health Professionals

  • Occasionally, there will be trainees accompanying the doctor(s) in the office.
  • We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the training and development of future doctors and allied health care professionals.
  • Although it is within your rights to request that trainees not take part in the provision of care to you and/or your child, we strongly encourage our patients to support this arrangement by considering the trainees as part of the treatment team. Please allowing them the privilege of contributing to your/your child’s care.
  • Rostering

    What is rostering?

    Rostering in family medicine is a process by which patients register their care with a family practice, family physician, or team. At our clinic, rostering is a process by which you connect in an ongoing relationship with a family physician as your "primary care provider". Rostering can be contrasted with the "fee for service" model, where you periodically visit a walk-in clinic or family doctor without a direct relationship in between visits.

    How are patients rostered at the clinic?

    Most patients sign a roster enrolment form soon after connecting with their family physician. After the roster form is signed, the family physician notifies the Ministry of Health that this patient is his/her patient. Being a rostered patient comes with both benefits and responsibilities.

    Benefits of Rostering

    There are many benefits for rostered patients.

    Most important: being rostered means that your family physician is compensated to take care of you, even when you are not actually present for a visit in the office. Consequently, we can afford to spend time ensuring that your testing and general healthcare is kept up-to-date, without depending entirely on your old-fashioned "annual physical". This model is contrasted with the "fee for service" model, where patients frequently need to come in, even for trivial matters, due to billing restrictions.

    As a rostered patient, your physician is able to communicate directly with these multidisciplinary teams (nurse, pharmacist, dietician, social worker and chiropodist) and consultants (e.g., an endocrinologist and psychiatrist). We are able to refer patients for medication reviews, dietary counseling, mental health counseling and foot care.

    Furthermore, rostered patients also enjoy access to a number of groups such as the cognitive behavioural therapy groups for mindfulness, anxiety, depression or insomnia, diabetes education, colon cancer survivorship and smoking cession. All of these services are available to our rostered patients at no extra cost.

    Requirements for Rostered Patients

    For Family Health Organizations and Family Health Teams to function properly, rostered patients must commit to receiving their primary health care exclusively from their family physician. This is the responsibility we ask you to take on as a rostered patient.

    We strongly believe that receiving your primary care from walk in clinics and home call doctor services does not provide you with the same quality of care. Walk in clinics and home call doctor services do not send notes, consults, or results to your family doctor. We are committed to the continuity of care and providing you with the most comprehensive care possible. As such, we are respectfully asking our patients to avoid using walk in clinics or home call doctor services. Again, we have reserved emergency appointments every day. Even if your physician is unavailable, we will do our utmost to book you with another physician at the office if the issue is urgent. Please notify us as soon as you have an urgent issue so we can best accommodate you.

    Each month your family physician receives an Outside Use report from the Ministry of Health. This report provides your doctor with the names of all patients that have accessed walk in clinics or home call doctor services over the previous month. Under our current agreement with the Ministry of Health, anytime a rostered patient seeks medical care at a walk in clinic or home call doctor service, that fee is deducted directly from your family physician. Therefore, we, as your family physicians, are being financially penalized for such use.


    A Request to Avoid Walk-In Clinics, Home Visit Services, and Other Family Doctor Services...

    In summary, our hope is to provide you with good access to care throughout the week. When booking appointments it is better if you can arrange to see your primary physician. If it can't wait, one of the other doctors in the office would be happy to see you. If you are unwell in the evening or on a weekend, you can go to the North York FHT After-Hours Clinic (or an emergency department).

    When patients seek primary care elsewhere (e.g. walk-in clinics, student health, or sports medicine clinics), we are notified by the MOHLTC and we are billed for the costs of these visits. ER visits and specialist visits are not an issue.

    Uninsured Services and Annual Fees

    As many of you may already know, OHIP does not pay for all services that you request from your doctor. These are called “non-insured or uninsured services” and it is illegal and fraudulent for doctors to bill OHIP for them. In order to maintain the financial viability of our practice and ensure prompt service, it is necessary for our practice to charge for these services.

    If there are any questions regarding the annual fee program and uninsured services, please contact our front desk.
    Uninsured Services Poster

    Prescription Renewals During Office Appointments

    When we renew prescriptions with you in the clinic or during a phone appointment, OHIP will cover the cost.

    Consequently, we appreciate it when you are proactive and ask us to renew your prescriptions during a clinic visit.

    Tip: If you inform our reception about your preferred pharmacy in advance, we are usually able to send your prescription directly to the pharmacy. Many patients appreciate the convenience of these electronic/faxed prescriptions, since the medication is often ready for pick-up by the time they arrive.

    Prescription Renewals Outside of Office Appointments

    Since prescription renewals outside of office appointments are not covered by OHIP, there is a fee for each separate renewal request (except for patients who prefer to pay via the annual block fee).

    First, please double-check that your prescription does not have any refills remaining. If there are refills, you do not need a prescription renewal.

    If you are out of refills and don't mind the fee, ask your pharmacy to send a renewal request to the office.

    Alternatively, you may book a phone or in-person appointment with your physician if you would like OHIP to cover this cost.

    If you do not want to pay a fee, simply book a phone appointment on this website to review the renewal with your physician.

    Warning: As mentioned, there is a fee to renew prescriptions without appointments. This fee also applies to auto-faxed refill requests generated by your pharmacy. If you do not want your pharmacy to auto-fax prescriptions with refill requests, you must inform them.

    Periodic Health Exams

    As you may have seen in the news, many researchers have been saying for years that it's time to ditch the annual checkup. The "complete annual physical" is no longer considered a good model of care. It's not even covered by OHIP anymore due to the lack of apparent benefit shown in recent research.

    We do encourage you to book periodic health reviews with your primary physician, both to maintain a healthy and trusting relationship, as well as to keep on top of any screening tests or other preventive health interventions that may be beneficial. However, the frequency and the duration of these visits varies greatly depending on your overall health and the number of health-related issues that you are experiencing.

    In summary, the "annual physical" has been replaced with a more patient-centric, flexible model of care. If you have any health-related concerns, rather than waiting for a physical, reach out to us at your convenience.

    What about screening tests?

    On a related note, many patients are accustomed to having a "panel of blood tests" done each year, usually at their annual physical, "just to ensure nothing's wrong".

    We now know ordering tests indiscriminately like this tends to cause more harm than good.


    To receive an immunization, please schedule an appointment with the nurse and let us know which vaccine is needed.

    Please confirm in advance that the vaccine is available at the clinic, since we do not carry all vaccines (e.g., Twinrix). Some vaccines require a prescription to allow you to pick it up at the pharmacy on the way to the clinic.

    Adult Vaccines

    Name Due Age Range Comments
    Flu Shot / Influenza Vaccine Every year in late October / November Infants 6 months or older, children and adults of all ages We strongly recommend the flu shot every year for all eligible patients.
    Tetanus / Adacel / Boostrix Booster every 10 years. All ages. Adults over 15 should receive at least one combined 'Tdap' booster vaccine (Adacel, Boostrix), containing tetanus as well as pertussis (whooping cough), and diphtheria boosters.
    Pneumococcal vaccines (Prevnar 13, Pneumovax) Single shot (one of each) Usually older adults; depends on risk factors such as asthma. Sometimes called 'pneumonia vaccines' although they are better at preventing sepsis and meningitis. Ask us whether you are a candidate.
    Shingles vaccine (Zostavax) Single shot. At least age 50; no upper age; most effective when given at age 65-70. Reduces the risk and severity of shingles infections. Recommended. Public health coverage available soon for ages 65-70.
    Combined Hepatitis A and B (Twinrix) Initial shot, 1 month after initial shot, and 6 months after initial shot. All ages Private payment usually required; acquire with a prescription at your pharmacy.
    Hepatitis B (Engerix) Initial shot, 1 month after initial shot, and 6 months after initial shot. All ages; Given to adolescents at school. Covered by Toronto Public Health for gay men.
    Hepatitis A (Havrix) Initial shot, then a booster 6-12 months later All ages
    HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) Initial shot, then 2 months after initial shot, then 6 months after initial shot. Females age 9-45; Males age 9-26 Females immunized in Grade 8. We recommend for boys as well but public health coverage not yet available.
    Meningococcal ACYW Vaccines (Menactra, Menveo) Single shot Age 12-18 Recommended for adolescents. Free at TPH clinic:
    Meningococcal B Vaccine Series of 2-3 shots. Age 12-18 Newer, complementary meningitis vaccine to standard ACYW. Optional but recommended for high-risk infants and teenagers.

    Flu Shots

    We usually receive our flu vaccines mid October.

    We strongly encourage all patients to get vaccinated, particularly our high-risk patients. High risk patients include patients under age 5 or over age 65, pregnant patients and obese patients. Also, patients who have diabetes, chronic lung disease, asthma, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease or cancer are at higher risk of developing complications from the flu.


    FluMist is a nasal spray version of the influenza vaccine, which is now available for ages 2-17. No needle required!

    Flu shots are now available at most pharmacies!

    We are fully supportive of you obtaining a flu shot from your pharmacy if it is more convenient. Please let us know when you have it done so that we can update your records.

    Sick Notes


    Ensuring that the referral is successful is a shared responsibility. Please reach out to us if you have not been contacted more than two weeks after the referral was initiated.
    Although we are affiliated with North York General Hospital, our referrals are not constrained to be sent only there. Other specialists at Sunnybrook, St. Michael's Hospital, and the general community are potentially accessible.
    North York FHT

    Our office is part of the North York Family Health Team (FHT).

    As long as you are rostered with us, you can take advantage of the many helpful services within the FHT, including the free smoking cessation program, social work assistance, and dietitian services.

    Please call us for a referral if you would like to use these services.

    After-Hours Clinic

    Bayview Village Mall
    Bayview & Sheppard (ground floor at Loblaws)
    Hours: Weeknights 5 pm to 7:30 pm and Weekend 10 am to 3:30 pm
    Show in Google Maps...


    Unfortunately there is no laboratory available for blood work in the building.

    The following labs are nearby:

    2401 Yonge St. – Dynacare 2 blocks north of Eglinton 416-486-9238
    1849 Yonge St. Just south of Davisville 416-481-3401
    491 Lawrence Ave W - Lifelabs SE corner of Bathurst and Lawrence 1-877-849-3637

    You can go to any lab in the city. The results arrive electronically independent of the lab you choose, so find one that’s most convenient for you. Note that you don’t generally have to fast for bloodwork these days, unless we tell you otherwise.

    Diagnostic Imaging / X-Ray / Ultrasound

    Unfortunately there is no diagnostic imaging available in the building.

    However, much like with labs, you can go to the one most convenient for you.

    The following facilities are nearby:

    2401 Yonge St. Two blocks north of Eglinton 416-485-5793
    Yonge/York Mills NE Corner York Mills Centr) 416-485-5793 Ultrasound Only
    2190 Yonge St. South of Eglinton 416-485-9235
    491 Lawrence Ave W SE corner of Bathurst and Lawrence 416-781-9375
    1849 Yonge St. Near Davisville 416-485-9155
    Find a diagnostic imaging centre...

    Travel Medicine

    Unfortunately OHIP does not cover travel medicine advice or testing, so there are typically fees that you must pay when you seek this care.

    Travel medicine is a complex specialty. It requires training and expertise beyond the scope of traditional family practice.

    Although we may be able to provide brief, ad hoc advice prior to your trip, we strongly recommend that you consult a travel clinic for anything beyond a typical North American vacation.

    Click here for a list of travel clinics in our area.

    Compounding Pharmacies

    Smith's Pharmacy 3463 Yonge St 905-553-1280
    Apex 90 Eglinton Avenue East 416-481-2231
    Haber's 1584 Bathurst Street 416-656-9800
    Murray Shore 3537 Bathurst Street 416-789-1800
    PACE 14 Isabella Street Toronto 416-515-7223
    York Downs- 3910 Bathurst Street 416-633-2244
    Snowdon 264 Bloor Street West 416-922-2156

    Travel Clinics


    There are many, many good physiotherapists in the city and in the surrounding area. Since it is hard to objectively compare physiotherapists, we encourage you to explore and choose someone convenient and pleasant to work with.

    Physiotherapy is not generally covered by OHIP (see below for the exception). However, many employers provide partial coverage through benefits plans when a physician's prescription is given in advance of the treatment.

    Find a physiotherapist in your area...

    OHIP-Covered Physiotherapy

    OHIP clinics provide funded physiotherapy for patients age 65 and over, under the age of 18, or anyone on ODSP. A written doctor’s referral is required.

    To find the OHIP clinics in your area click here.

    Mental Health Services

    Available Online
    Distress Centres of Greater Toronto 416-408-HELP (4357)
    In our building at 3080 Yonge:
    Larry Borins, MSW, RSW 3080 Yonge St., Suite 5016 T: 416-322-5433 F: 416-322-5432,
    Dr. Sherri Taras 3080 Yonge St., Suite 5074 T: 647-430-9118
    CBT Associates 4950 Yonge Street, Suite 1810 (Yonge/Sheppard)
    Cognitive & Interpersonal Therapy Centre 20 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 1007 (Yonge/Eglinton), T: 416-570-5050 F: 1-888-214-0907
    Dr. Samantha Waxman, C.Psych Dr. Ricardo Flamenbaum, C.Psych 1174 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 5 (Eglinton/Allen Rd.) SW: 416-454-7908 RF: 416-258-1740
    South, Toward Downtown:
    The Clinic On Dupont 101 Dupont St. (Dupont/Avenue) T: (416) 515-2649 F: (416) 966-4045
    Ruth Dorfman MSW RSW Ruth Dorfman MSW RSW (Spadina/St. Clair) T: 416-828-7884
    Dr. Simone Levey, C.Psych 400 Walmer Road, Suite 132 (Spadina/St. Clair) T: 647-680-1063
    CBT Associates 85 Richmond Street West, Suite 900 (Bay/Richmond)
    The Mindfulness Clinic 700 Bay St. & College
    Chronic Pain
    Arthritis Society - Chronic Pain Self-Management Program
    OHIP-covered counseling:
    Catholic Family Services 416-921-1163
    Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre 416-516-6969
    Centre for Person-centred Psychotherapy 5353 Dundas St W. 416-229-2399
    Medical Clinic for Person-Centered Psychotherapy 265 Yorkland Blvd., Unit 403, 416-229-2399
    York Community Services 1651 Keele, NW of downtown 416-653-5400
    CAMH Family Program 416-535-8501 x7000
    Toronto Child and Youth Mental Health Services Mental Health TO

    Medical Reference Sites

    Toronto Public Health

    Comprehensive site run by the City of Toronto. Great articles on infectious disease and other public health issues. Also has links to local dental and vaccine clinics.

    Comprehensive site with patient-friendly information for the whole family.

    College of Family Physicians: Patient Education

    A collection of high-quality Canadian articles ranging from vaccines to acne to advance care planning..

    Trustworthy information on pediatrics from Sick Kids. Contains a large database of friendly articles on common issues like fevers and viruses.

    A grassroots Canadian advocacy site that discusses the benefits of vaccines, run by the "silent majority" of Canadians who support immunization.

    Mayo Clinic

    Contains a wealth of patient-friendly, reliable information on thousands of medical conditions. American site.


    Excellent site for anything dermatology-related (skin, hair, or nail problems; rashes)

    A great Canadian site that discusses all forms of contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and other sexual health issues.

    Helpful information for Canadian women as they transition through menopause.

    Educational Articles and Videos

    Link Comments
    Epley Maneuvre A do-it-yourself video to help patients with BPPV vertigo.
    Video: Do More Screening Tests Lead to Better Health? Puts the questionable benefits of physicals and routine testing in perspective.